About the Memphis Computer Cooperative

The computer and technology sector is expanding at an exponential rate. Today’s computers and networks are more sophisticated and far-reaching than ever, and there’s more to come.

In Memphis, as elsewhere, there is still a large divide between those who understand, posess and utilize computer and information technology and those who don’t. Possibly this gap is even larger in Memphis than in comperable cities of it’s size in America. On a global scale, there’s no question that Memphis (and most of the US) are far behind the curve of computer and internet literacy and implementation.

The Memphis Computer Cooperative is a Tennessee Non-profit corporation with a mission to invigorate and endow the Memphis community with computer literacy projects, consumer services, and economic opportunities that continue to spawn out of the exploding technology and internet market (there’s an app for that!).

Using workshops, classes, and online resources, the Coop will give ordinary people in Memphis the opportunity to learn skills for effectively using computers and technology. To put the talents and skills to work economically, the MCC offers the Coop Exchange – a unique, worker-run digital service agency model for bringing community talent to business clients in Memphis and beyond.

The MCC is a sponsored project of the Mid-South Peace and Justice center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a long track record of service to the Memphis community. Those wishing to make tax-deductible financial contributions to the MCC may do so via the MSPJC.